Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TofuXpress Love + Giveaway Winners!

I just got my TofuXpress in the mail!!  If you have never tried one of these things before, you are definitely missing out!  Since being vegan, tofu has always seemed like more of a hassle to me.  Not that it is hard to use tofu, but usually when I press it, it crumbles and is pretty soggy - which is not appetizing to me.  Plus, I hate wasting all of those paper towels, and still having all of the excess water regardless.  Since receiving my TofuXpress I have pressed a few blocks of tofu, just to test if out.  But to be honest, I seriously have no idea what to do with it.  HELP!

I've been wanting to try a marinade (which this is perfect for, because all of the liquid has to be drained to marinade properly).  I've also wanted to try to make an over-easy style "egg" with tofu instead of an egg.  My husband who is a vegetarian is set on making this breakfast sandwich recipe he has had in his head for awhile.  It sounds really good, but has eggs and cheese.  So this press would be perfect to make a tofu "egg," so I could enjoy this amazing recipe he's come up with too :)

But the real reason I am writing about this amazing contraption, is because I would love your suggestions on cooking with tofu.  I'm not into eating just strips or squares of tofu, I like a little texture (which I read in the TofuXpress recipe book it comes with, that you can freeze it for a different texture - I have some waiting for me in the freezer right now!!)  So anyway, a little help would be great!  Send me some awesome recipes, and I will make and photograph them for another post!  Love you guys!

Do you have a TofuXpress - if so, are there other things you use it for besides tofu?

Oh and one last thing - the winners of my homemade spices, hand warmers and envelopes are:

(random generator comments 7, 8, & 63)

I will email you if you left a way for me to contact you, otherwise please send me your mailing address to kaycee@veganmachine!

You can also email me tofu recipes there too, or comment if you'd prefer.


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veggiev said...

My very favorite way to make tofu is BBQ Tofu. I make a super easy BBQ sauce (Sautee onion and garlic with 1-2 TBSP soy sauce, 1-2 TBPS maple syrup, 1 TBSP mustard, 1-2 TBSP lemon juice, and 1/2 c ketchup) and then add pressed tofu to the same pan and heat through. I don't have a tofu press (I'm so jealous of yours!), so I just squeeze it the old fashioned way and add the crumbles to the pan, but you can absolutely cube it or slice it and either add it to the sauce pan or bake it.

Tofu scrambles are also pretty good. Sautee a bunch of veggies - whatever you like - add some crumbled tofu and whatever seasonings you like. Add tumeric if you want it to be yellow like egg. I've read that black salt adds a little sulfer flavor, which immates egg. I don't have any, but I still think tofu scramble is very reminicent of eggs and veggies. I think you could fool omnis with tofu scramble.

I love using frozen tofu for "steaks." I choose to freeze first then thaw and press, but I've read other people who press then freeze. Either way, it definitely makes the tofu "meatier," which is great for beginners or texture aversion people.


thegoodwitch89 said...

That looks so awesome! I would love to hear about the "perfect egg!" I loved egg sandwiches but I can't see just throwing a slice of tofu in it because it wouldn't be the same! If anyone could post their tofu egg successes, I'd appreciate it!

Scocasso! said...

I use tofu all the time, and I never press it, actually. Where I live you can buy pressed tofu or extra firm tofu, both of which have almost no water in them. There's also soft/smooth and traditional to choose from to, as well as puffed, tofu skin, marinated, smoked, dessert tofu, ... you name it, the list goes on and on (very high population of Asians around here from all over Asia is the reason for this).

I have a 'chuck it in' attitude with tofu. I don't want to do anything fancy with it, takes too long, I want to eat, so I just chuck it in. Anywhere. Spaghetti, stirfry, soup, on rice, whatever... it's all good. I also mash it up and add miso, apple cider vinegar, little honey or other agave syrup and some sesame or peanut butter - paresto, tofu sauce -- chuck it in the blender for a really smooth sauce and add some extra virg olive oil to make is extra smooth.

If you don't want it to crumble, boil it first, then it will stay together. I often cut it into cubes and gently put them into a pot of water and boil them for a few minutes, and presto, no more crumbling.

Also, for a completely different texture, freeze the tofu, then thaw it, and it becomes just like a sponge -- you can literally squeeze it like a sponge over the sink to get the water out and it will hold together.

If you slice regular tofy thin and drop into hot oil to deep fry, it tastes really good (not very good for your health though). Make tofu tempura.

There are some tofu restaurants around here, where nearly every dish is a different tofu dish.

Check out the book Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler -- tofu pumpkin pie is my fav! so easy and quick and yummy! You can learn to make easy tofu mayo and all kinds of Western stuff.